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10 Wedding Day Tips from real brides that will help you to enjoy your most special day

A Couple of weeks ago, I asked my Facebook followers for wedding day advice for the couples getting married soon. They couldn't have said it better! So I want to share with you some of their advice and some of mine as a wedding photographer for more than 10 years.

1 "Don’t sweat things that “go wrong” on your wedding day - only you know exactly how it was supposed to be - none of the guests know what the plans were. Relax and enjoy the day!" -Makayla R.


2 "ENJOY IT!!! Don’t worry about anyone else in the room, but you, your spouse and God!" -Chassidy R.


3 "Don’t spend crazy amounts of money on things that will just get thrown away after. Pick out the things you absolutely want and invest in those or use it on your honeymoon. Don’t try to keep up with Pinterest or Instagram!" -Jessica L.


4 "Keep the main focus... your MAIN focus! Today is the day you will start sharing the rest of your life with the person you love. The rest of the stuff, the cake, the decorations, the food - all of that is nice, but isn't the main focus! Enjoy the day and stop a few times to just look around you and take it all in! It goes by so quickly, take time to cherish those memories!" -Denise W.


5 "Take in the moment!! Make sure to make time to take in the moment and be present!" -Megan B.


6 "It’s not going to be perfect. Something may go wrong, but that’s okay. This is your day, your moment, the beginning of a new journey together. Enjoy every second of it!!" -Stephanie K.


7 "That day is about the two of you! That's it because no matter what you do, there is always someone who will dislike something you did or didn't do. Just be yourselves and enjoy EVERY minute of YOUR day." -Stacy F.


8 "Do what you want not what others want you to do. If you don't want to do the first dance or something else, just don't do it. Don't listen to other people because its your wedding day and you will always remember it." -Dakisha A.


9 Get Tai’s Captures to take your wedding photos. -That was my husband😂


10 And last is my advice as a photographer. I love to set a time just for pictures so my couples don't have to spend the whole wedding taking pictures, IT IS IMPORTANT TO ENJOY! I've been taking wedding pictures for more than 10 years and I can guarantee that nothing will be perfect on that day, there will always be something that doesn't go as we plan.

I highly recommend that you just enjoy your day; the time will fly by and if you pay attention to everything that goes wrong or the family drama, you will lose the most important thing, which is spending time with your couple. Also, stress will be portrayed on your face and you don't want that for pictures. Take a moment to breathe and talk to your spouse in the middle of that wedding stress, hug your spouse, tell them how happy and how important this day is for you, because that's the most beautiful memory that you will have.