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5 Tips on How to Dress for a Photoshoot | Hickory NC Family Photographer

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

"How to dress for a photoshoot?" I think this is the question that most, if not all, of my clients have when they're planning a photoshoot because how you dress for your photoshoot can have a big impact in your photos. Also, the location, decorations, atmosphere and how I execute as a photographer plays a big part in the final product. That's why I want to give you a couple of tips that are going to help you in your next photoshoot:

1. Always wear something that makes you feel comfortable

This is the number one advice that I always give, because if you don't feel comfortable with your clothes or with a pose, you're going to show that on your pictures. Don't look for an outfit that just "looks good", choose one that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

2. Dress according to the season or the location

Dressing according to the season helps your photos to create the vibe that you are shooting for. If you want a summer look, we recommend that you don't wear a sweater or coat, because it will not look right and you're going to suffer with the summer heat (lol). Also dressing according to the location has a big impact. If you want, for example, an urban themed session and we're using an old building, don't wear a sparkly dress.

3. Coordinate the colors with your family

I think this is one of the biggest deals of dressing for a photoshoot because combining many people can be difficult; but don't worry, I've got you! The first thing that you are going to do is select the colors that you want, then Google and find a color palette. This will help you understand what colors match with the one you chose. Also you can look up "family wardrobe for pictures" on Pinterest and it's going to provide many examples like the ones below.

4. Avoid busy patterns or logos

The main focus on your image is your face, so I recommend to use plain colors because busy patters or logos can be a distraction from the focus. If you are going to use patterns, make sure that everyone wears the same pattern or uses plain colors with patterns. For example, don't use circles, lines or animal print to combine with your family or your outfit because you're not going to have a good balance in your pictures.

5. Layered clothing always helps

Using layes can help you get a number of looks for your photoshoot without having to get completely changed. You can have many different shots and poses by using different layers of clothes.

I hope these tips help you on your next photoshoot!