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Asheville, NC Mountains: A beautiful Summer Wedding

D + C linked their lives forever at the most beautiful wedding venue in the Asheville Mountains:Ridgeview Venue.

The bride and groom wanted their ceremony and reception to be warm and familial. We expected it to be raining the whole day, but to our surprise we had a cloudy and shiny day to celebrate an outdoor ceremony. The peacefulness of the green mountains of Ridgeview Venue gave them a beautiful romantic vibe. This venue is one of my favorites, and it captured my heart since the first wedding I did there. A favorite moment of D + C's wedding was their private wedding vows. It was a very emotional moment that only they shared together. Private wedding vows are regular vows but with just the bride and groom. It was my first time witnessing this kind of vows and I personally loved it, it's perfect to disconnect from the stress of the wedding day.

I hope you guys enjoy their wedding gallery:

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