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Fun and unique activities for your wedding

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

You will remember your wedding forever! Even though it all may be mostly protocol, you could also give it a fun and different spin. Here’s some ideas you can try!

1. Your very own hashtag

Create a hashtag that’s unique to your event, and ask your guests to use it in every picture they share. Then, after the event, you and your spouse can view all that your guests have shared at your leisure.

2. Snapchat Filter

Snapchat, for example, offers the paid option of using a geofilter in your desired location and for however long you wish. You can hire a graphic designer, or use templates in certain free apps, like Canva.

3. Have a trusted contact in charge of social media

If you enjoy sharing content with your friends through social media, you can have a trusted contact creating stories and posts. That way, you can enjoy your event virtually.

4. In your wedding invites, ask your guests to share their favorite song through email or text message

We absolutely loved this idea. This is an excellent way for guests to enjoy the festivities- and you get to keep a varied playlist at the ready. Win win!

5. Keep your guests involved at the end of the ceremony

Try using things like bubbles or confetti for your exit. You’ll have amazing photos! And your guests will participate as well!

And remember: enjoy your day to the max, and make it an unforgettable ride!

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