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Hickory NC Photographer | Bridal Portrait

What is a Bridal Portrait & why I recommended you should do it!

A bridal portrait shoot is a photoshoot that the bride-to-be does several months or weeks before her wedding. It's like a normal photo session but with her wedding dress, hair and make up done. She is the only focus of the session.

Bridal portraits are the perfect opportunity to try out your complete bridal look without the pressure of the wedding. A lot brides are nervous to pose in front of the camera on their wedding day and, with this session, you can get a little more practice with posing. It also helps you familiarize yourself with your wedding dress. You can use your bridal portraits for reception decoration, gifts, canvases or frames.

I took Megan's bridal portrait a month ago and I'm so happy that I can finally share them on my blog. I hope you enjoy this beautiful Bridal Portrait gallery:

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