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My first wedding during Covid 19 Pandemic

Wendy and Carlos are proof that anything’s possible with love. Last Sunday, August 9th, I was able to be a part of such a special celebration. The first time I met with them had to be through a Zoom app meeting because of social distancing regulations brought on by COVID-19. From the moment the contract was signed we always kept in mind that nothing was certain because of current conditions.


The preparation process for the big day was not as easy as they expected. Everything was booked; church, venue, and all details were set for the big day. However, they still had various cancellations, but wouldn’t give up. Planning a wedding in tough times like this is not an easy task, but a possible one. You always need to have plan A, B and even C.


The day finally came for Wendy and Carlos in the beautiful town of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We arrived at the church and the groom was ready and calm (up until the bride’s arrival.) Once Wendy got there, he got very nervous but it was a beautiful moment. It was a wedding with close family only, with the rest of the guests joining in through Zoom. We all had a face mask on and everyone social-distanced. It was a short and sweet ceremony.

After the ceremony we took their pictures with their families, then some as newlyweds. Even though their venue cancelled on them, Wendy’s mom prepared her living room with decorations, tables, cake and prepared a small dinner to celebrate.

This quarantine wedding is definitely proof that love can do all things. Putting all problems and obstacles aside, W&C were able to celebrate their day, and their happiness was contagious to all who were present.

With Love,