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Just engaged! Now what?

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Congratulations! I know emotions are running high, but maybe you’re wondering: what now? Where do we begin? Getting engaged is the first step! The second step is getting organized, and that’s why I’d like to share some advice to assist you.

1. Start by making a list of your most urgent needs.

For example, setting a date to reserve your favorite location! If you don’t have a preference, you should start searching and making a reservation ASAP. Other priorities include photography, catering, and any other services that require reservation. Don’t leave it for the last second, or else you’ll miss your chance.

2. Prepare your guest list.

This lets you know how many people will attend, the amount of food you need,

and others.

3. Place all copies of your contracts and applications in a separate binder.

It’s very important to create a record of receipts and contracts. It doesn’t usually happen, but I have heard of cases where the couple hires certain services for their wedding, but they never show. Avoid losing your money and keep a record of all transactions!

4. Hire a wedding planner or ask for help from close friends or acquaintances.

A wedding is a massive event with a lot of details to take care of. If your budget allows it, hire a wedding planner. If you’re not able to, ask for help from people you absolutely trust, and assign them tasks. A checklist is useful for organizing yourself and for knowing what to do. Another option is to download apps through your favorite app store, like The Knot.

Enjoy yourselves!

Your wedding only happens once. The process can be very stressful. But enjoy every moment. Involve your fiancée and family! Make this an unforgettable event.