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Hey y'all, so glad you're here!

My name is Taiana, I'm a photographer who loves to capture people's moments in a fun and natural way. I believe that the best photos are those that we enjoy and where we can show our selves. I love to be the person that can embrace my client's confidence and the girl that is going to help you feel relieved in your wedding day or special event. 


I want to share just a little bit about me, because knowing and connecting with your photographer is important. I’m a mom of a 3 year old precious baby boy and a wife to the most awesome husband in the whole world. I’m a believer and follower of Christ. I love coffee, and my day can’t start without a big cup of it. I’m from Puerto Rico and my husband and I moved to North Carolina almost five years ago when Hurricane Maria hit us. Since then, this has become our home and we love and appreciate all that this amazing country has done for us.  



 I began my photography business in Puerto Rico in 2013, and since then being a part of so many people’s lives is something I’ve grown in love with. Life is short and I’m a firm believer that we should capture every moment that we can. I love what I do! Finally, my number one goal is that my clients really enjoy their photo session time.

Like I said before, I like to do it in a fun and natural way with poses and spontaneous “unposed” pictures so they can show and portray who they really are.  I want you to feel that you are hiring a friend and someone that cares about your memories just like you do. 

Tai's Captures Photography Projects

Hickory NC Wedding Photographer
Hickory NC Wedding Photographer

I am a Hero is a photographic project that started in 2016. It is dedicated to all children with special needs. The main goal is to demonstrate that the conditions these children live with are their superpowers and they are heroes to everyone around them. We also want to raise awareness about their special treatments and how to be empathic with them; to make them feel like what they are-Heroes.


Each child gets a free photo session where we provide them with a super hero cape and through our social media platform we tell their stories about how they fight daily with their conditions. Since 2016 we have photographed children with conditions like Autism, Microcephaly, Down’s syndrome and cerebral palsy.


Hickory NC Wedding Photographer
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