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Asheville NC Wedding Photographer

The process to book a wedding

Once you contact us asking for your wedding date, we'll send you our event availability. You'll receive an email with our already established wedding packages or you can create one based on your needs on that day.


We believe in an easy, stress-free wedding package booking process, which is why we try to handle everything online. Our wedding contract, any questions and retainer payments are also handled online. Before filling out the contract and paying your retainers we always offer the option of a phone or Zoom call in case the are any questions or insecurities to address before booking your space.

Before your Wedding Day

​Before your wedding date, we always keep in contact with couples, confirming that every detail remains the same.


When the big day is near, you'll receive a form with a checklist of the pictures that will be taken at your wedding, where you can add or remove according to the type of photography you want in your event. We do this so you can remain stress free during your wedding and you won't have to worry about forgetting any pose or important moment. 


We also coordinate our picture time according to your wedding schedule so we can maximize the time we'll have then.

Hickory NC Wedding Photographer
Hickory NC Wedding Photographer
Hickory NC Wedding Photographer

On your Wedding Day

We arrive a little before the hour assigned to ensure everything is in order. We bring extra camera, storage and illumination gear as a failsafe against equipment malfunction or any other issue that may arise. Your wedding day is my priority!

I like to work in a fun way, so the couple can enjoy their day to the fullest. That's why we coordinate when the couple's pictures will be taken beforehand, so we can allocate time for that and maximize the time the couple spends and enjoys at the ceremony and reception. I like to take the usual, traditional wedding pictures but I also like to capture spontaneous moments so you can remember your wedding day in the best way.

After your Wedding Day

The couple will receive a 3-5 picture preview on the same day or the day after the event in case they wish to post them on their social media or share in any way.

The editing process takes 4-6 weeks. When the photos are ready, you'll receive an online link with an online gallery containing the finalized session and the print release needed to print them.

Then the couple chooses the photos they want on their wedding album and when it's done, you'll receive the album in your mailbox.

Blowing Rock NC Wedding Photography

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