These are the terms and conditions our business operates on.

1. Upon signature the photographer reserves the time and date agreed upon, and will not take other
reservations for that time and date. For this reason, the retainer (deposit) is non-refundable if the wedding is cancelled for any reason including but not limited to acts of God: fire, extreme weather, break-up, and/or financial hardship. Retainer is to be paid at the time of parties signing this contract. Reservation retainer is applied towards the contracted wedding photography package upon completion of this contract. If for any reason, the client changes the event date, the retainer can be transferred to a new event date if the photographer has the date available: otherwise there is no refund for retainer paid.

2. The contract for the event terminates at the time established by the photographer. The clock will start at the time that the photographer arrives at the customer’s house; if the start of the session is not at the customer’s house, the clock would start at the photographer’s first arrival location. We recommend punctuality and protocol organization so we can get the best pictures of the ceremony. If the customer requests additional photography time at the event, the cost will be $200.00 per additional hour incurred (a period between one (1) minute up to sixty (60) minutes after the contract ends counts as one (1) hour.)

3. The photographer requires a minimum of one (1) month to process, edit and deliver the complete ceremony session. The customer must understand that sessions are worked by date. The photographer is working the ceremonies on her list in order and will deliver the sessions chronologically. The photographer is not obligated to deliver the finished product in a month or less.

4. Even if the photographer tries to do every photo required by the customer, the customer must understand that weddings/ceremonies/receptions might lose control due to reasons beyond the control of the photographer. We will try our absolute best to take every picture befitting of a wedding day, so long as the conditions allow it.

5. If the photographer cannot comply to the terms stated in this contract for any reason including but not limited to an act of God, fire, extreme weather, emergency or any condition beyond the control of any of the parties, the photographer will refund the amount paid off (retainer non-refundable.) If the photographed material is damaged or there is a file loss, the photographer will incur no other responsibility except the payment refund.  

6. It is understood that Tai’s Captures shall be the exclusive photographer retained for the event. 
The photographer may bring an assistant at their discretion. Videographers and other vendors as well as semi-professional photographers must not obstruct or interfere with the official photography and are notallowed to take any still photos during formal sessions, including but not limited to Family, Wedding Party, and Couple Formals. Wedding guests may take photos, but it is the responsibility to prevent family and friends from interfering with Photographer's duties. Guests will be asked to refrain from takingflash photographs at certain intervals of wedding services to ensure proper exposure of images. Photographer is not responsible for compromised coverage due to causes beyond their control such as other people's camera or flash, the lateness of the bride, groom, family members and bridal party members or other principles, weather conditions, schedule complications, rendering of decorations, or restrictions of the venues or officiate. The photographer is not responsible for wardrobe malfunctions or s physical appearance. The photographer reserves the right to refuse to take equipment out in the rain/snow and in or near water. Photographer is not responsible for any damage or injuries that may be sustained due to but not limitedto photos taken in or near water. Photographer is not responsible for existing backgrounds or poor lighting conditions (which may negatively impact or restrict the photography coverage). Notification of any changesin schedule or location must be made in a timely manner. Changes can be made by email for documentation. If email is sent, confirmation of receipt must be obtained. Agrees to confirm the schedule one week prior to the event.

7.7. This contract serves as a model release giving the Photographer the irrevocable right to use the photographs
in all forms and in all media and in all manners, without any restriction as to changes or alterations, for 
advertising, trade, promotion, exhibition, or any other lawful purposes. The Photographer can grant use of
the images to third parties and all compensation for use and credit for the images remain the property of 
Tai’s Captures. Waives any right to inspect or approve the photograph(s), finished version(s) incorporating t
he photograph(s), or the use to which it may be applied, including written copy that may be created and appear
in connection therewith.

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